Website Design

Website Design

Mobile First Designs

Intelligent website design today is based upon a mobile first approach. Studies have proven that mobile smartphone and tablet traffic has surpassed desktop for the web beginning in as early as 2014.  Given this reality, it is critical for businesses to adapt their web presence to cater to the new normal for web browsing traffic.  Our website designs caters to this modern mobile-centric paradigm and we specialize in creating, developing and deploying mobile responsive websites.  Read more about mobile-friendly website design here.




Responsive vs Static

Before the mobile revolution, websites design did not consider the screen size of devices viewing a web page, but today it’s a different world. Since the screen size of devices is variable, smaller viewports will display a fixed width website design in the same way for a smartphone or a desktop.  This results in the need to pinch and zoom on your smartphone or tablet in order to read text and access menu items.  We have all dealt with this less than ideal end-user experience when visiting older websites that do not respond to screen sizes.  Chances are this experience has frustrated you in the past.  Our modern website design incorporates advanced technology which allows you browser to detect the width of your screen viewport and deliver customized styles for the web page which is suited for each device screen dimensions, allowing ease of use and enhanced user experience.


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SEO Benefits

Google and Bing are the gold-standard for search engine rankings.  Recently, Google announced that mobile-friendly website design will be included as a factor in the algorithm used to rank websites for search results.  This factor can be difference between your website ranking on the first page of result or not.  While there are many elements and factors used in the Google and Bing ranking algorithms, the mobile-friendly factor has been announced and does carry significant weight. Read more about SEO benefits of mobile-friendly website design here.



Secure Website Design

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for businesses around the world.  Our focus on cybersecurity includes strict adherence to the ISO 27001 information security management series. In addition to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) point-to-point encryption techniques including SSL3/TLS 1.2, our best practices include secure hosting environments provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Read more about the SEO benefits of HTTPS here.


website design lafayette

website design lafayette