Project name:

Apex Innovations

Project description:

Apex Innovations


Our AWS solution architects designed and supported deployment of a highly-available / fault-tolerant infrastructure on AWS using CloudFormation for the team at Apex Innovations.  We implemented this Healthcare / Continuing Education web application re-architecture during late 2020.

Visit the live site here.

Apex Innovations


Architectural Diagram

AWS Services Used

  • Route53 – DNS
  • Elastic Load Balancer (Application/ELBv2)
  • EC2 Auto-Scaling Groups – Linux
  • Relational Database Service – MySQL


Solution Details


  • Environment: AWS cloud only
  • Region: Oregon
  • CloudFormation stacks provisioned:
    • VPC Stacks:
      • Custom 2-tier VPC in 2 AZs
    • Application Stack:
      • EC2 Auto-Scaling Groups
      • EC2 Classic ELB
      • RDS MySQL

Deployment Details:

  • AWS CloudFormation via console
  • Rolling-update Deployment using AWS CloudFormation to deploy AWS resources:
    • Template code under version control via Git repositories
    • Template validation performed via AWS CloudFormation console
    • Following best-practices we update our CloudFormation stacks to perform “Rolling-updates”

Workload Details:

  • We are using CloudFormation to implement NIST recommended compliance standards for data encryption in transit via HTTPS using AWS Certificate Management service.
  • We provide a uniform standard of information security best-practices to our clients, even when our clients operate in purely unregulated industries.



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