Project name:


Project description:



Deployed a highly-available / fault-tolerant infrastructure on AWS using CloudFormation for the team at Agilink Technologies.  We implemented this website during late 2020.

Visit the live site here.


Architectural Diagram

AWS architectural diagram for Developing Lafayette

AWS Services Used

  • Route53 – DNS
  • CloudFront – CDN
  • Elastic Load Balancer (Classic)
  • EC2 Auto-Scaling Groups – Linux
  • Elastic File System – NAS
  • Relational Database Service – MySQL


Solution Details


  • Environment: AWS cloud only
  • Region: Oregon
  • CloudFormation stacks provisioned:
    • VPC Stacks:
      • Custom 2-tier VPC in 2 AZs
    • Application Stack:
      • EC2 Auto-Scaling Groups
      • EC2 Classic ELB
      • CloudFront Distribution
      • RDS MySQL
      • EFS

Deployment Details:

  • AWS CloudFormation via console
  • Rolling-update Deployment using AWS CloudFormation to deploy AWS resources:
    • Template code under version control via Git repositories
    • Template validation performed via AWS CloudFormation console
    • Following best-practices we update our CloudFormation stacks to perform “Rolling-updates”

Workload Details:

  • We are using CloudFormation to implement NIST recommended compliance standards for data encryption in transit via HTTPS using AWS Certificate Management service.
  • We provide a uniform standard of information security best-practices to our clients, even when our clients operate in purely unregulated industries.



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