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Google Search has increased the importance of mobile-friendly status as a ranking signal, beginning in April 21, 2015. This change affects mobile searches for all websites across the world and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. This change allows users to find high quality, relevant search results for their mobile devices by checking the mobile-friendly status of websites.  The world of web development has become focused on delivering mobile-friendly website design due to the dramatic increase of mobile device traffic on the internet. Effectively, this new criterion for Google search ranking means that searches performed on smartphone and tablets will now sort the results that best display relevant websites and display mobile-friendly websites before those relevant websites that are not considered mobile-friendly.  To determine if your website is considered mobile-friendly by Google Search use the mobile-friendly test tool provided by Google here.

mobile-friendly website wireframes

Frequently Asked Questions:


Does this change affect my desktop traffic?

No. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide.

How can I determine if my website is considered mobile-friendly?

Google provides a helpful tool to test your website’s pages with the Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

What should I do to make my website mobile-friendly?

For a FREE consultation about taking steps to create a mobile-friendly website contact us today.