Civic-Tech Project in Lafayette

Civic-Tech Project in Lafayette

We have aligned forces with forward-thinking organizations in our area to participate in the 24hour Citizen Project for their winning Adopt A Storm Drain community civic-tech initiative.

Adopt-a-Storm Drain allows individuals or groups to claim ownership over neighborhood storm drains

Our team is contributing to this community civic-tech project in order to help build a well architected solution that follows best-practices for continuous integration and continuous delivery of web applications on AWS.  We are excited to provide our contribution to this civic-tech project as a first step toward helping build a SmartCity here in Lafayette, LA plus elsewhere in the Acadiana economic district. Via our alignment with organizations and thought-leaders like 24HCP we aim to help reach a critical mass of both inspiration and perspiration in order to realize the positive benefits our future holds when citizens and local businesses collaborate to improve our quality of life through Open Source projects and Open Data initiatives.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, here is the GitHub repo:


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